Harnessing Renewable Energy in 2018

Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric Power are all wonderful forms of renewable energy.

Clean, crisp and ready to fuel the world with freshly resourced power.

Brief Background:

Energy is created through the burning of fossil fuels which are damaging on our environment. Cleaner methods of harvesting renewable energy is remarkably beneficial to the environment due to less fossil fuels being consumed. We want more of the clean, limitless and guilt free energy in our world.

There’s a growing demand for renewable energy as mentioned by The International Energy Agency. It’s mentioned that China, in particular, are now reducing their use of fossil fuels (such as coal, gas and oil) and transitioning to cleaner methods developed and discovered by todays new digital technologies.

White WindmillWind power (image by Pixabay)

1. Wind Power:

fastest-growing sources of electricity globally.

Digital wind farms (yes, digital) are a thing of today. They’ve recently been engineered in order for farms to allow connection, visualisation and analysis, due to the digital infrastructure. This helps with data collection, such as weather, component information and service reports. Creating an efficient and faster way of generating renewable energy.

Wind turbines even have apps! -Efficiency of energy production and profitability are all increased.

Economics are improved as the wind turbine range is increased. They can go further out to sea and reach taller heights while still remaining connected to the onshore wind product portfolio back on land.

To read more, click GE Renewable Energy.

Blue Solar Panel Board with clouds

Solar power (image by Pixabay)

 2. Solar Power:

Last year, the use of Solar Power increased by 50% due to a “sun rush” over in China and the US. The growth of installation in these countries was described as “very significant”.

Perks of Solar Power:

You don’t just generate clean energy, you are also able to store it easily too. Meaning, when the majority of power is generated in the sun-light hours, it can then be stored for usage in night hours done through the use of a battery. Meaning, no need for tapping onto other precious (and damaging) resources.

You are also able to save sufficient funds! Once installed E.On offers a ‘solar calculator‘. This demonstrates to the customer the money they will save. This is done simply by answering a few questions such as,

  • the number of people who live in your home
  • where you live
  • current energy consumption per year
  • roof size

Discovering your potential savings makes solar panels seem irresistible. Believe me.

Finally, the last great thing about Solar Power is that is makes you feel like you’re making the difference. You chose to install it. You chose to create more renewable energy and YOU are making that small but significant difference.

Gray Dam Under Blue Sky

Hydroelectric power (image by ciboulette)

 3. Hydroelectric Power:

It’s fuelled by water! Surely it doesn’t get any cleaner than that?

Now, to begin with, it’s powerful enough to fuel counties and states -not just a single home.

Hydroelectric Power isn’t just beneficial to the environment. It produces lakes and reservoirs. This creates eco systems, producing more natural life. Also encouraging boating, fishing and swimming for people who live in the area. All are able to enjoy the Hydroelectric Plant!

The Plant can also be build around a river, so there is no need for the hassle of any reservoir construction.

Thanks to this digitally created energy generator, it can also control floods and water, potentially saving thousands in emergency supplies and peoples homes.

Overall, I think we can agree that the benefits of clean renewable energy that has been created with the help of digital technologies is amazing. We should ditch the old ways of creating energy and strive for a cleaner future.

For more about how Hydropower works, visit ENERGY.GOV.

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