A few posts ago, I conducted an interview with a fellow student at BU. This was of course regarding the 30 Day Reusable Plastic Challenge.

This inspired me to a rather jazzy infographic!

If you had any further questions about this 30 day challenge then head on over to Myles’ LinkedIn account or simply check out his BU Society Facebook page. It is filled with amazing Earth and Environmental Science facts so its definitely worth a read.

For anyone who was thinking about trying this challenge. Maybe you just needed a quick snippet of advice, maybe just a chat with someone who’s done it before, or maybe just that little first nudge to get you started. Well, here it is. Go get started. Enjoy! (You might need to give this a cheeky zoom as there’s plenty to look at).

Infographic with speech bubbles describing an interview

Here is the infographic I made that maps out the interview I conducted with Myles, ‘The 30-Day Reusable Plastic Challenge’. (Credit: Monica Budzynski)

Here is a video my mum even sent me about another person who did this challenge. It is another demonstration about the ‘ups and downs’ of her experience. Look at all this digital technology helping us out.

Now, if you have any desire to learn about Geoengineering, I’ve got you covered. Renewable Energy? or maybe my personal favourite, Drones? Then click the hyperlinks and go have an explore.