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In the summer of 2018, I did my placement at a charity in London. The charity I worked for is called Global Action Plan and is based in Covent Garden, London. As someone with a passion for the environment and saving the planet, working for a green charity was a dream come true. I really did not know what to expect when I started but throughout the weeks and as I started to learn more about the charity, the more I became accustomed to the work environment. This blog will outline my average day working along with some things that I learned.


Waking up at 7 everyday was a struggle, being on time was important to me however so I made sure I was there by 9:30am everyday. My train left at 8;15 and i would get London blackfriairs at 9:00AM. The mornings were fantastic, I enjoyed a morning walk along the river thames and across waterloo bridge. At the time the weather was amazing and this was the perfect way to start my day. As soon as I got to work I would make myself a Coffee and have a conversation with the other intern Beau who was from America. After my coffee I was ready to start my day.

The day would often start with a team meeting, in this meeting everyone had aims and objectives for the week and the day. This was a good way for me to learn what everyone else contributed to the organisation and helped me understand the way it was run. I often had to ask what some things actually meant but that was okay because I was learning. Then I would get started in my work, normally I would start with my research in the morning. This would entail extensive website research, with me consulting my supervisor.




For lunch I would usually go to somewhere near by such as Pret, your never too far from a Pret in London.  Most days if the weather was nice, I was always keen on going to summer set house to eat my lunch outside. Here I would enjoy the summer sunshine and listen to music. When I would go back in the afternoon, there was sometimes catch up meetings ors sometimes we would have  a workshop where we would all interact, I really enjoyed the workshops. However most afternoons I tended to just get back to research, or start actually writing for example I had to conduct interview questions and email four minimalist lifestyle bloggers.

This was an average day for me, I feel honoured to have taken this placement and I have gained so much vital experience form working at Global Action Plan.

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