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Hearts in Jakarta
A collection of stories about Jakartans abroad and how technology has brought them closer to home
Media In Menswear
A Web and Mobile Communications portfolio by Alex Standen
Charging the Outdoors
Exploring the impact of today's technology on the great outdoors.
Web-portfolio centred on the current and future impact of emergent digital technologies on education.
Physigital Interactions
Are Social People Really Socializing?
A collective of insights and opinions on how the world of sport is changing.
Digital Beauty
Have Social Media Influencers Changed the Beauty Industry?
Empowered Learning
A blog dedicated to appreciating and applauding technology that supports students with learning difficulties and their teachers.
Enriching Education
The future and present state of education
The Machines Will See You Now
Jordan D Maxwell
How are digital technologies affecting your education?

Streaming Source
Dedicated to provide the latest information on how technology has impacted, shaped and transformed the entertainment industry in contemporary society.
Black Lives Matter
Digital Technology in the Fashion Industry
How is Digital Technology Changing the Fashion Industry?
Media by the Masses
A blog exploring the rise of citizen journalists and their impact on the news industry.
The New World
Just another Web & Mobile Blogs site
21st Century Business Platform
A new way of setting trends - YouTube
Zana's Blog on Digital Technology
How Journalism has been affected by digital technologies
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