My Explanation – The Colin Kaepernick Debate.

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled ‘The Colin Kaepernick Debate‘. In the post, I detailed the protest that took America by storm and created a divisive narrative that is still ongoing in the media today. Each of my posts has an element of continuity that you, yourself can follow. But the topic of former-quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made interesting developments that I believe anybody who has been following this blog, will enjoy.

I believe that the complete misinterpretation of Kaepernick taking the kneel in the first place is the exact reason why he is no longer working in the NFL. Racism. People did not understand that by taking the knee, Kaepernick was protesting the treatment and systematic oppression of black people. He never once said that he was not an American, but that he was human. He stated again, and again that he wanted to use his platform to give voices to those who are not in the same position as him, to give back to communities and charities. But most importantly, to create understanding and unity.

Unfortunately, this has been difficult to do. Although Kaepernick is a well respected public figure, there are those higher than him who have purposefully made his strive for equality difficult, all because they do not believe in his approach. He has spoken out about Twitter and the messages he receives from social media. These messages tend to be driven by hate. These thoughts and feelings are created by online communities and prosper, as you tend to interact with people who have similar views to your own. In this sense, there is little difference between the two; but with an altogether different tone.

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