Digital Technology in the Fashion Industry

How is Digital Technology Changing the Fashion Industry?

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The Future of Shopping

Are you bored with the same shopping experience?

Soon Virtual Changing Rooms and headsets, 3D printing could give you a new and exciting digital visual and sensory plenitude whilst your shopping in your favorite clothing brands.

From markets where there was little competition and a limited range of clothing some of which were even made there and then to fit you along with styles and trends changing throughout the centuries…there is now an abundance of brands selling a multitude of styles, fittings, and colours of clothing even competing with one another to be the most innovative and tech-savvy brand. We are now even shopping online more than going to visit the closest store, and with 3D printing evolving rapidly, printing and designing your own clothing from your home is not an impossible idea anymore. Read more

Virtual Changing Rooms Are Finally Here

Are you tired of going shopping and having to try on twenty different outfits just to find none of them fit right?

Finally, the time is here…no longer do we need to get hot and bothered changing in and out of our clothes trying on twenty different outfits just to find out they all look awful! New virtual changing rooms are being installed in many clothing shops soon to make all our lives so much easier, changing in and out of clothes could soon be in the past! Some innovative clothing brands like Topshop and Dior have already featured them in their stores. Many retail stores will soon feature virtual headsets as well giving you an exclusive view of their latest fashion shows and also view their new trending products and styles.

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Fashion Apps You Should Download Today

Do you ever love something someone is wearing but are too embarrassed to ask them where it’s from?

Well, there is now an app like Shazam but for clothing. ASAP54 is an app that allows you to take a picture of anyone anywhere. All you have to do is download the app; take a picture of anyone’s outfits when your out and about that you love, to then be given multiple suggestions on where to buy the product or even where to buy something similar at a lower price.

There are also apps like PS Dept and Polyvore which allow you to shop and buy clothing using one checkout. If that’s not enough they also provide you with a personal shopping experience where they suggest items of clothing to you that are trending or a similar style to your recent purchases.

Even the ASOS app now has visual and voice technology to make it even easier for you to find items of clothing similar to what you are wearing in the picture you upload or what you ask it for. Along with hundreds more exciting fashion apps that you never knew existed which could find you that perfect outfit you’ve been trying to find for months in minutes!

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Interactive Ads & Clothing That Will Amaze You

Have you ever been part of an Interactive Ad?

Most likely the answer is yes, whether you knew it or not.

In today’s society we can now view multiple clothing brands from one site; at the click of a button, we can have a new outfit on our doorstep the next day. Technology has dramatically increased in every industry, including fashion – creating a fresh and exciting interactive shopping experience.

Audiences have become so active audiences are having to come up with new ways to draw us in. Interactive Ads are the tech-savvy way that companies are interacting with their customers. They are now everywhere from QR codes, to lights in print ads, to virtual realities. With the rise in these technologies, high street stores and fitting rooms may be a thing of the past. Read more

3D Printed Clothing To Become New Fashion Trend

The Future of Fashion Is 3D Printing Clothes at Home

Various manufacturing industries from prosthetics to car parts are now widely using 3D printing in their production processes. It allows companies to easily change the size, colour, and shape of an object on a computer at no extra cost. So why have only some companies using them? Why has it not been bigger? Read more

The Way You Shop Will Change Forever

Introduction to the Digitalisation of the Fashion Industry

The shopping experience you know today may be a distant memory sooner than you think. Stores are forecasted to become so digitalised that new generations will have no recollection of the traditional high-street stores you use today.

You are probably now all familiar with the personalised ads that pop up on your computers using your name, along with the iPads and digital kiosks that feature in many stores now, but I doubt you will be familiar with some of these technologies that are soon to become the norm… Read more