The, My, Our New World

Welcome to the New World’s first ever video! As we all know, reading through a long blog post can be a lot to take in, so I wanted to produce a video which gave an overview to the topics that have been recently discussed on my blog. From smart city projects, to the mass surveillance movement, this video aims to not only debate the pros and cons of smart cities, but also raise awareness of the negative impact that technology can have have on our cities. Hope you enjoy!
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Technological Ignorance

Twenty years ago, if you were technology-literature, your options were very limited. Driven largely by the spread of the world-wide web and the mobile phone sector, today, we live in a world in which the fantasy of unlimited technological enhancement appears to be coming true. The irony, however, is that we are immersed in incredibly complex technologies, and yet, most of us take them for granted. But how did we get to this point? We will begin by exploring what technology is available to us in this digital age, specifically focusing on virtual reality.
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“Since the industrial revolution, humanity has flocked to the cities, where jobs are plentiful and centralized services make inhabitants’ lives easier. However, technology is gradually beginning to reverse this trend.” [1] This is de-urbanization.
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Smart Cities

What is a ‘smart city’ to you?
IBM defines a ‘smart city’ as “one that makes optimal use of all the interconnected information available today to better understand and control its operations and optimise the use of limited resources.” [1]
However, according to Manchester Digital Development agency, “a ‘smart city’ means ‘smart citizens’- where citizens have all the information they need to make informed choices about their lifestyle, work and travel options.” [1]
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A Surveillance State

It is undeniable that emerging technologies have given governments and corporations an unprecedented means to accessing personal information. All details of your life circulating on texts, emails, the internet and social media can be harvested, whether its by a private business, employers or the government. The revelation of national security activities has been brought to light and risen global attention over the last century, highlighting
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