LGBT Celebrity Presents… Brighton Pride 2018

Brighton Pride 2018

Summer is the season to celebrate ourselves, summer is the season for PRIDE… for Brighton Pride.

London, Belfast, Manchester and every other key city throw their own fantastic, colourful and elaborate pride events. Brighton, however, takes the crown for the happiest, largest and craziest pride events every single year. The parade itself lasts over 2 hours and covers most of Brighton’s vibrant city centre. Brighton additionally offers a festival to top all other festivals. With acts ranging from celebrity LGBT individuals such as Ruby Rose to LGBT advocates and icons such as Alesha Dixon! Brighton pride 2017 featured Petshop Boys as their headlining act with Years and Years making their one and only pride performance that year! It went down remarkably well with crowds larger than Brighton had ever seen before.

This year, Brighton Pride has outdone itself. It is a year that will be difficult to ever compete with. On the 23rd of January 2018, the organisers of Brighton Pride announced via their twitter that the iconic pop artist; Britney Spears will be performing as their headlining act on the main stage on Saturday the 4th August. Britney Spears is a huge LGBT advocate; with homosexual males representing a large part of her massive fanbase. Similar to Lady Gaga and Madonna, Britney has represented many LGBT campaigns to demonstrate her support as well as is now creating a larger name than ever before for Brighton Pride!

Ticket Issues

The popularity around the pride festival 2018 was immense. The first and second ticket releases both sold out within one minute. Increased demand for Brighton Pride caused the second ticket release to be postponed by a day. This is due to the website crashing because of its inability to cope with the sheer amount of hopeful festival-goers. The official Brighton Pride twitter account addressed their followers pleading them to bear with them whilst they addressed the issues with their servers.

When the ticket issue maintained, the Brighton Pride team released a statement declaring that sales would be moved to Ticketmaster (a world-renowned ticket selling website) as their servers could handle the mass demand. Brighton Pride have always sold their tickets through their own servers so it was a first for them to use a third-party website.

Pride 2017 gathered crowds of about 300,000 people to attend the parade throughout Brighton and Hove, with many  anticipating an increasingly packed city this year. Purchasing tickets for Pride was manic for customers. Dedicated Brighton Pride attendees have taken to twitter to complain about the difficulties they have had to face to attend the festival of celebration.

Brighton Pride announced that Britney Spears was headlining the festival extremely early. Customers and hopeful Pride attendees saw the early release as irresponsible. This came before previous Pride festival attendees could purchase their tickets. Regardless of the performing acts, thousands of people from the LGBT community attend Brighton Pride for the annual celebration. Many suggest that tickets are in such high demand as individuals are treating the event as a cheaper Britney concert.


Hopeful attendees and organisers are increasingly concerned that tickets for Brighton Pride are going to be resold at extortionate prices. Ticket pricing for Pride originally ranged from £12.50 to £27.50. Prices changed to £30 to £37.50 when sales were moved to Ticketmaster. Increasing the price of tickets confused and enraged hopeful festival-goers. Pride is dedicated to celebrating diversity… it is not just any old money making festival.

Tickets for Brighton Pride have already sold out in their first and second releases. There is an additional and final release in Easter time however it is likely to be a similar scene to the previous releases. Tickets have been already found on reselling websites at prices NINE times their original sale value.

Ticket sellers are dealing with the reselling of tickets in a variant of methods. Ed Sheeran and Glastonbury tickets are two music events that are now printed in a certain way in order to combat ticket reselling. The purchasers name is printed on the ticket which needs to be matched to an ID at the event. Additionally, images of the purchaser are used sometimes to ensure additional security of the tickets. Tickets will not be valid if the personalised ticket does not match up with the purchaser.

Britney’s Return

Citizens of the UK are eagerly anticipating Britney Spear’s Piece of Me world tour. Britney last toured Britain in 2011, SEVEN years ago. Therefore, it is fair to expect fans to be pretty excited. Her tour is reaching all ends of the UK including Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and London. Brighton does not usually host stars as large and renowned as Britney Spears so her attendance at Brighton Pride is an honour.

Britney headlining a Pride festival is huge for the LGBT+ community. This however, has come at a cost of people within the LGBT community being unable to attend an event they visit every year. Brighton Pride has become extremely popular and sought after as Britney fans are attending the Pride festival rather than Britney’s tour. The Piece of Me tour is significantly more expensive than Brighton Pride, encouraging fans to attend Pride instead.

Pride fans blame Brighton Pride organisers for the difficulties in securing tickets due to Britney fans clearing them out. The organisers of Brighton Pride have a lot of work to do to ensure the true Pride celebrations can take place!

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