A Rising Sun

As we have entered a new era with technology and social media dominating our lives, new professions have appeared. For some people, the word ‘YouTuber’ might sound unfamiliar. However, this profession has become a huge trend in the young generation (who has grown up surrounded by smartphones and computer).

According to a report published by DMR (160 Amazing YouTube Statistics and Facts), there are 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users on YouTube and about 576,000 hours worth of videos are uploaded every day. Most importantly, 1,500 YouTube channels have more than 1 million subscribers.

From these statistics, we can understand that YouTube has become a channel where people visit almost every day and it might be treated as a replacement for television for the Millennials and Gen X.

Life as a YouTuber

YouTuber is someone who posts videos on YouTube for a living. Usually would be about their lives, trying products and sharing their views with the audience.

Many of them might start their channel for fun (as a hobby), then take it as a profession (might have been a student). Some of the YouTubers I follow actually started their channel as they begin studying overseas, and thought it would be a good idea to share with friends and people who are interested in the foreign country how life is as a student there.


After interviewing some working YouTubers, a deeper understanding of their work is discovered. Respondent A started her career as a YouTuber because of her love to perform. Another respondent explained that being a YouTuber isn’t a goal, is more a start and open-door for a career path for the future. Most respondents spending quite an amount of time to construct ideas for videos. As they are sharing events happening in their lives, there is a constant pressure of coming up with ideas that are interesting and funny enough to attract more viewers and subscribers. Some techniques they use is a hook in the title of videos, words like “big announcement”, “my boyfriend/girlfriend” and “I am quitting…” that catch people’s attention leading to clicking the video.

From the interviews, I learnt that being a YouTuber is not an easy job. The pressure from creating videos, working long hours, and the ever-changing fast-paced media industry would need someone strong-minded to continue.

Something to consider

YouTuber is a job that starts and continues with risks and challenges. Successful ones like PewDiePie, Zoella and Alfie Deyes who can create their own line of makeup and publish a book. (The age of self: the strange story of how YouTubers saved publishing)

A channel started in 2005 for the pure reason to let people share videos, now makes a global net ad revenue of $4.28 billion (result in 2015) and becoming a channel that is as common as television. Be a member of this successful business, taking a risk might not be such a bad idea?

Try out something new and thrilling, a change would do you good.