As a medium of information and a trendsetter, YouTubers have provided its audience many beauty and fashion tips. People have changed the


The appearance and position of both women and men have changed and developed with time and the rise of social media. Women used to be represented as sexualised objects to satisfy male audience; and men were cold, distant and strong to be masculine. These ideologies have changed as the young generation have realised their self-value and started to make definition of themselves. However, these changes are not entirely position as they have caused a problem of self-esteem in the modern society.

The pressure to be fashionable and stylish, and the need to show off to get accepted by peers is what young adults seek nowadays. In June 2016, there were already more than 5.3 million videos on YouTube that capitalise on the female appearance and those channels have achieved a great number of subscribers (e.g. Zoella, over 12 million subscribers). The videos these beauty YouTubers provide “range from step-bu-step tutorials teaching girls how to apply makeup to sharing their everyday beauty routines.” (Beauty, fashion and looking ‘hot’: YouTube’s powerful messages for girls)

Take a look at the transformation of beauty over time

On the other side

There are YouTubers that create alternative content like encouraging people to set goals, be healthy and address personal growth for women. According to survey, 34% of young adults consider ‘YouTuber’ to be their most desired career. Therefore it is very important for both YouTubers and business to realise the influences they can have on people and make good use of it.

Time has changed our definition of beauty, what do you think?