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The Redefining Trendsetter

As a medium of information and a trendsetter, YouTubers have provided its audience many beauty and fashion tips. People have changed the ┬áIdeology The appearance and position of both women and men have changed and developed with time and the… Continue Reading →

Are there Hidden Bombs on YouTube?

Content of YouTube As YouTube is an opened-channel for global users and audience, content uploaded might not always be inspected thoroughly. Child protection then became a hit topic for the usage of YouTube as between 2011 and 2017, the time… Continue Reading →

The New Profession: YouTuber

A Rising Sun As we have entered a new era with technology and social media dominating our lives, new professions have appeared. For some people, the word ‘YouTuber’ might sound unfamiliar. However, this profession has become a huge trend in… Continue Reading →

YouTube: A New Business Platform

New Era of business As a working business in the 21st century where social media dominates people’s daily lives, companies work harder to make their products trendy through their business accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other similar platforms. YouTube… Continue Reading →

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