5 very interesting way in which digital technology had affected journalism!

I will start off with 5 interesting ways digital technologies has changed the world of Journalism, although here I wont be going into full depth of things, you can carry on reading my other blog posts to fully understand my concernfor journalism within a 2018 generation, or if not just click on the apple on the left of your screen and Shut Down… I think Id prefer to read unless your mid way watching a Netflix Original Series in that case I’ll let you off.

  1. MEDIA TOOLS! How easy is it for Journalists today to leave their office or home with their light MacBook’s, Tablets or even their iPhones and have access to everything they need via the Internet. (Back in the old age you couldn’t walk around with your gigantic computer or your Motorola as a way to get things done). The ability to use mobile apps for smartphones has improved dramatically. Apps for text editing, film editing, photography uploads (to share on social media) and more have made the smart phone a handy device for journalists.
  2. “QUICK CHECK FACEBOOK!” Social media today has completely taken over my life, woops! That was meant to stay in my  ead… Anyway Social media today has become a big part of today’s society. For journalists this is a good and a bad thing. At least I’m the kind of person that sticks to the ‘good news first’ rule. So as I was saying the pros of social media is that it provides a wider ranges of voices, ideas and eyewitnesses quickly, and now is being is used as a way to market journalism resources like television or websites. The bad news is that due to how many people use social media (which is ridiculously a lot by the way!) The Internet and social media took freedom of speech to a whole other level, providing everyone with a soap box on which to stand, making everyone a reporter, photojournalist, and opinion page editor, this being said a lot of fake news gets distributed on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and well a lot of it gets believed to be true… sigh… Wasn’t everything so much easier when there was just newspapers and 24 hour BBC News?????
  3. “CAN I GET A PIC” Of course one of my favourite interesting’s facts about the change within journalists due to new technology, the one and only Digital Cameras! Of course this is not for all journalists, but for photojournalists digital cameras have opened various new doors for them, and I mean really really good doors, better then Narnia!It freed photojournalists from dark rooms downloading images and to now allowing photos to reach the newsroom in a matter of minutes, rather than a matter of hours. Oh! And how can I forget the camera resolution on a Nikon D3S, wow that thing has better picture quality then my own eyes, and that’s just one of many cameras.
  4. OMG did you know you can find newspaper articles from the 80’s! Yes you guessed it, online newspaper archives. Many thanks to the Internet for this, big shout out your way Robert E. Kahn & Vint Cerf! The availability of resources through the Internet allows reporters to find previous stories that can either support or contradict their current stories. However, there’s always a bad point… Politicians are more at risk, as reporters can easily find contradictory statements that can put those politicians on the spot, but hey 1-0 to the Journalists. Sorry politicians!
  5. “I have it on record” Digital Audio Recorders, Thank you technology! Journalists can now literally have a mini recording studio in their pockets. Interviews, news stories, notes, and editing are easy to accomplish on the road whether it be on the train, an accidental meeting in Costa etc. Within minutes, journalists can upload files from a digital record to a computer and publish the audio to the web.

Hope this didn’t make you fall asleep! but if you hated it i now grant you the permission to hit the apple sign on the top left hand side and ‘shut down’..



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