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Think about your personal interactions on social media – not the interactions made with a vested interest. Ignore the interactions that you make to further your career or to make you look good in front of your boss or your clients and potential clients.

Concentrate on the posts and interactions you make when you talk to your friends and family, about what you’re doing or where you’re going and with whom.  Do you make interactions like this? Or are you a social media voyeur, preferring just to see what everyone else is doing?

You might ‘check in’ at a specific venue on Facebook – the venue hopes that you’ve had a great time and that you talk about your positive experience online.  This is one of the best endorsements – and is only one step away from the very first form of ‘social media’ – face to face conversation.

Do you really engage with ‘brands’ when you consume social media?  Think about Twitter, do you talk to your favourite retailer often? Do you ask them how their day is going? Or are you really just looking for offers or competition prizes? Think about the last time you followed a company online – what was your reason for following? Was it to compliment? Or was it to make a complaint?